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WFA has a range of professional training courses available in December 2011 and January 2012.

Click here to download our training information leaflet

Over 33 years in Manchester, WFA has filmed many key events, which now comprise an extensive film archive of over 1,000 analogue video tapes.

They are films about events which are often hidden in history – ordinary people finding their voice and showing the strength and value of their lives and actions in bringing about change to the benefit of the many and against the narrow interests of the few.
Over the last 18 months, with the support of the NW Film Archive and more recently the Heritage Lottery Fund, WFA has catalogued, preserved and digitized over 250 of those tapes with the intention of making them available for research, education and enjoyment of participants and to the widest number of people as well as to keep them safe for future generations to enjoy and reflect on the different ways we have lived and how much we can learn from our histories.For this first pilot they are broadly classified as local working class struggles / the Manchester ‘Black’ experience / an International perspective. We look forward to including as many people as possible in accessing and valuing such rich resources through a number of events :

3 film show discussions in December click here to download film show leaflet